Monday, April 25, 2011

Try new things...

It has been forever since i have blogged.. sorry. I have been real busy. I am sure with spring here now alot of you are spring cleaning or getting ready for the holidays or like in my case getting ready for the garage sale season.
We have a town close to me that has a community sale it is HUGE! So i have been working on some handmade items to put in the sale and cleaning out the dressers and closets. Gotta keep my scrapbooks supplies up to date. LOL
I have been trying new things. I watched Cynthialoowho's video on youtube about making your own candy gems. WOW what fun. If you get a chance go check it out and try them for yourself.
I also made my first 5x6 mini album. super excited about that. I also did my first bottle swap. that was fun. I don't i put enough stuff in mine but it was my first and i will do much better next time. I have also tried to do rolled roses. mmmm. not to sure i liked doing that. but I TRIED!
You have to put yourself out there to see what you can do. I have watched so many video's that i feel like there isn't anything I can't do. (hehe)
I am super stoked I get to teach arts/crafts at our Women for Life home. My church has a home for women and I get to spend time with these women sharing my passion for art/crafts and Jesus. what more could i ask for. ( maybe a bigger wallet... :)..). I am so thankful that i get to be apart of their lives.
I want to encourage you to try something new at least once a week or for some even once a month. I am going to challenge myself to trying something new once a week. would you join me?

Monday, March 21, 2011

A day of first things for me.

Today has been a day of doing things for the first time. very exciting day.
  Today I got in the mail my first swap. I did a Charm/Stick Pin swap with 1996 Allyson on youtube.
I had so much fun doing this swap and even more fun opening my package. :) I felt like a Lil kid at Christmas.
I received some beautiful charms and pins. There are some amazing crafters out there. Love the talent.
Thanks so much Allyson for hosting this swap, Can't wait to do another one in April.

 My other first was, I made my first video.. yep that's right my first YouTube Video. OH how i hate to hear my voice. I was very nervous. I did this video with no tripod or video editing program. I guess that might be my next investment. (i think my husband might have to get a second job..hehehe) I was just kidding. It took this tiny notebook 3.5 hours to upload 4 minutes of my talking. CRAZY. Can't wait to get my computer back. I hope to do more video sharing soon.

I got my first RAK last week from a friend on the beach. she made me a beautiful mini album from envelopes. it is beautiful. I showed it in my video. Then Friday I got the flowers i won on Peg's Blogspot contest. Thanks Peg. I also posted them on my video. On Saturday I got another package, It was a beautiful tag with 3 stick pins and a beautiful charm from another friend on the beach. It has been a great few days for me and my mailman. LOL

I joined a bottle swap for the first time. I am so excited. It's a 1liter bottle butterfly swap. I didn't know you could mail a liter bottle. COOL! I will post a video of the swap.

I have been busy working on a few projects. I will upload so pictures of my projects.
well crafty peeps. I believe i have had a day of first that i will never forget...
thanks for sharing my first with me..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My first Contest!

Well i must be getting brave in my older age.LOL I added one of altered frames in a contest. I have always felt like my work was less then others, or i don't scrap like them or make cards like others. I thought to myself what the heck?! so I DID IT! you can check it out over at
There are so many beautiful things that very talented crafters have posted. Nice work guys!

I have been thinking..... I am sure there are others like me out there who have thought less of their work. Well in this thinking time i felt that art is what is in your heart. so who is to say that yours isn't good? we all see things different, feel things different. If we all crafted the same it wouldn't be art. it would be boring. I have watched so many video of people sharing their talent and each one is unique. 1000 different ways to make paper flowers all different because different people have put there heart into it. So if you find yourself feeling this way remember your only sharing your heart work, and it will not be like everyone else.Because you are special. So i am proud of myself even if i only get one vote and that one vote is mine. I stepped out..


Thursday, February 17, 2011

New product to talk about!

I have found an amazing new product, well maybe not to some of you but it is to me.
It's called Lindy's stamp gang. I was looking for some glimmer sprays and i turned to the notorious YouTube, saw several crafters using Lindy's Stamp Gang. So being very nosy i had to try some. I am so glad i did. I got 2 of the try me kits. Great idea by the way.
I got the Hottie Patottie set and the Sweet treats set. Lindy's has other products besides the mists. In my kits i got Starburst Sprays, which are two toned inks that can be use for color washes and iridescent starburst.I also got Glitz Spritz add glimmer to both dark and light cardstock. LOVE IT! then in my kit i got Moon Shadow.(which is my favorite). It is old world walnut ink formula with lustrous hidden color.( got that straight from the bottle) lol then there was a jar of Magical Micas, which are a painting product.
Other products that they have are Embossing Powder and Mica powders. Which will be my next purchase. :). I have found that i truly like this product. They also have amazing customer service. I had made a comment when i was making my order and on my invoice they wrote back to me (I'M SPECIAL lol.) They wanted me to let them know what i thought... so here ya go.. LOVE IT!!! can't wait to try more of your products. Here is a project i made using my new products.
Hope you like.

I used Dark Chocolate Truffle(with daubber) all over the frame and my paper that was covered in Mod Podge. Oh and the flower. then i sprayed Desert Moon Glitz Spritz over my paper and flowers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes.

I would like to say, Thank you to everyone that sent me Birthday wishes. I had over 300 on Facebook.
I am truly blessed.
After a scary experience at the BMV, all the wishes made my day so much better.
Turning 40 is hard enough then comes the eye exam at the BMV. I had to take it 4 times. I did pass that crazy test..:) When they told me that i would have to be seen by an eye doctor before i could get my plastics, i started crying. My husband made them test me on a different eye machine. well after all that i got my plastics. I am determined to make my 40 the best time of my life.. so 40 bring it on!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New friends!

Hey guys!
I found some new friends I'd like to share with you. The girls on Life on the {Scrap} beach., are great! Within the first 10 minutes of setting up my account i had a chat with 3 new friends. How great is that??? LOVE IT!. they are so friendly and very helpful. You will find many kinds of swaps and  things to chat about.
 It's like a Facebook for scrapper/stampers/papercrafts. I am havin a time on the BEACH. come check it out. you won't be sorry...
I'm gonna grab my beach chair(HEHE office chair) and my drink with the fab straws i made from paper and hit the BEACH baby.. hope to see ya there...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video's Video's Video's

I have spent the last few days watching video's on Youtube. I am just amazed at all the crafters out there. very talented and inspiring. I didn't know there was so many ways of making ribbon roses or paper flowers.
There are a few i felt i needed to share with you. Check out Lollyrot7. WOW, she is very unique and has sparked a creativity in me that i didn't know was there. Then you need to check out LiveLoveScrap, mybutterflykisses12,apieceofcraftdotcom this is just a few of really fun and educational video's.
I would like to thank the ones i have mentioned for pushing the box in your passion. I feel encouraged and ready to try new things

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My first blog. I'm excited to blog my lil heart out. LOL. please bear with me as i learn how to set this up.
 I have alot of ideas for my blog. I want to post ideas and examples. post great sites I've seen, video's too. maybe try and post local sales that will be once i learn how to do all this. If you have any ideas you wanna share or help with this blog please just let me know. I want to make this a fun place to be.
Hope you have a HAPPY SCRAPPIN DAY!