Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My first Contest!

Well i must be getting brave in my older age.LOL I added one of altered frames in a contest. I have always felt like my work was less then others, or i don't scrap like them or make cards like others. I thought to myself what the heck?! so I DID IT! you can check it out over at http://www.lindystampgang.blogspot.com/.
There are so many beautiful things that very talented crafters have posted. Nice work guys!

I have been thinking..... I am sure there are others like me out there who have thought less of their work. Well in this thinking time i felt that art is what is in your heart. so who is to say that yours isn't good? we all see things different, feel things different. If we all crafted the same it wouldn't be art. it would be boring. I have watched so many video of people sharing their talent and each one is unique. 1000 different ways to make paper flowers all different because different people have put there heart into it. So if you find yourself feeling this way remember your only sharing your heart work, and it will not be like everyone else.Because you are special. So i am proud of myself even if i only get one vote and that one vote is mine. I stepped out..


Thursday, February 17, 2011

New product to talk about!

I have found an amazing new product, well maybe not to some of you but it is to me.
It's called Lindy's stamp gang. I was looking for some glimmer sprays and i turned to the notorious YouTube, saw several crafters using Lindy's Stamp Gang. So being very nosy i had to try some. I am so glad i did. I got 2 of the try me kits. Great idea by the way.
I got the Hottie Patottie set and the Sweet treats set. Lindy's has other products besides the mists. In my kits i got Starburst Sprays, which are two toned inks that can be use for color washes and iridescent starburst.I also got Glitz Spritz add glimmer to both dark and light cardstock. LOVE IT! then in my kit i got Moon Shadow.(which is my favorite). It is old world walnut ink formula with lustrous hidden color.( got that straight from the bottle) lol then there was a jar of Magical Micas, which are a painting product.
Other products that they have are Embossing Powder and Mica powders. Which will be my next purchase. :). I have found that i truly like this product. They also have amazing customer service. I had made a comment when i was making my order and on my invoice they wrote back to me (I'M SPECIAL lol.) They wanted me to let them know what i thought... so here ya go.. LOVE IT!!! can't wait to try more of your products. Here is a project i made using my new products.
Hope you like.

I used Dark Chocolate Truffle(with daubber) all over the frame and my paper that was covered in Mod Podge. Oh and the flower. then i sprayed Desert Moon Glitz Spritz over my paper and flowers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes.

I would like to say, Thank you to everyone that sent me Birthday wishes. I had over 300 on Facebook.
I am truly blessed.
After a scary experience at the BMV, all the wishes made my day so much better.
Turning 40 is hard enough then comes the eye exam at the BMV. I had to take it 4 times. I did pass that crazy test..:) When they told me that i would have to be seen by an eye doctor before i could get my plastics, i started crying. My husband made them test me on a different eye machine. well after all that i got my plastics. I am determined to make my 40 the best time of my life.. so 40 bring it on!!