Monday, April 25, 2011

Try new things...

It has been forever since i have blogged.. sorry. I have been real busy. I am sure with spring here now alot of you are spring cleaning or getting ready for the holidays or like in my case getting ready for the garage sale season.
We have a town close to me that has a community sale it is HUGE! So i have been working on some handmade items to put in the sale and cleaning out the dressers and closets. Gotta keep my scrapbooks supplies up to date. LOL
I have been trying new things. I watched Cynthialoowho's video on youtube about making your own candy gems. WOW what fun. If you get a chance go check it out and try them for yourself.
I also made my first 5x6 mini album. super excited about that. I also did my first bottle swap. that was fun. I don't i put enough stuff in mine but it was my first and i will do much better next time. I have also tried to do rolled roses. mmmm. not to sure i liked doing that. but I TRIED!
You have to put yourself out there to see what you can do. I have watched so many video's that i feel like there isn't anything I can't do. (hehe)
I am super stoked I get to teach arts/crafts at our Women for Life home. My church has a home for women and I get to spend time with these women sharing my passion for art/crafts and Jesus. what more could i ask for. ( maybe a bigger wallet... :)..). I am so thankful that i get to be apart of their lives.
I want to encourage you to try something new at least once a week or for some even once a month. I am going to challenge myself to trying something new once a week. would you join me?

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